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For Year-Round Program Staff Positions

Submit the following items to jobs@rawhideranch.com in one complete e-mail. Incomplete applications will not be considered or processed. Read through the application process and research our website to ensure a positive outcome. We wish you all the best of luck in your employment search!

Thank you,
The Hiring Team at Rawhide Ranch

Application Procedures

  • Direct hire – You found us and you are applying for the first time steps 1-5
  • Hiring Agency – CCUSA etc steps 3, 4, & 5
  • Returning staff – Steps 1 & 4

Application Steps

  1. Resume complete with contact information, work history, & education
  2. References – Name, phone number, e-mail
    1. 2 personal
    2. 2 professional
  3. Within the body of your e-mail please state the following sentence:
    1. I authorize investigation of all statements herein, including any checks of criminal records, and release the camp and all others from liability in connection with same. I understand that, if employed, I will be an at-will employee unless there is an agreement or law which alters that status. Furthermore, I understand that any agreement must be in writing and signed by the designated camp official. I also understand that untrue, misleading or omitted information herein or in other documents completed by the applicant may result in dismissal, regardless of the time of discovery by the camp. Your name:_____________.
  4. Questions – see below
  5. Video – 5 minute total    (optional but suggested)
    1. Teach us a short lesson – How to brush your teeth, make a sandwich etc… OR
    2. If you have horse experience and would like to be considered for horse staff please teach us how to bridle a horse (keep it short and simple – don’t have a horse or bridle? Get creative!)
    3. Take us on a tour of who you are – share friends, family, pets, home, work, your accordion playing skills… what ever!
    4. Please upload  your video onto  www.youtube.com (your account) and email us a link for viewing.



Rawhide Ranch adheres to the laws and procedures set forth by the state of California and the United States Federal Government. The submission of your application signifies your willingness to participate in any or all of the listed processes below. Your employment will depend on the outcomes of the following screening processes:

  1. Verification of previous employment
  2. Reference checks
  3. Verification of the degree/license/and or certifications
  4. Criminal background checks
  5. Driving record checks
  6. Drug/alcohol tests
  7. Personal interviews


  1. Submit your ENTIRE application to jobs@rawhideranch.com
  2. Your application will be reviewed by the Rawhide Ranch hiring team. Successful applications will then move ahead to the interview process.
  3. You will be contacted by one of the hiring team members for an interview. Ideally, this will happen in person at the ranch. If this is not an option, we will set up a Skype interview with you. You should expect 1-2 interviews before a final decision is made.
  4. After completing reference, background, and social networking site checks, we will be in contact with you regarding a potential offer of employment and pending position.
  5. If you are a US citizen, fingerprinting will be required as a condition of employment.
  6. Once these checks have been completed and clear; your employment is finalized. If we do find something that is what we consider inappropriate in either check your employment may be terminated.

Drug/alcohol Testing

We will not be conducting drug/alcohol testing as part of the application process. However, Rawhide Ranch reserves the right to do both random and non-random testing during your employment if we feel it necessary. You can be terminated if the result of a drug/alcohol test confirms inappropriate use as defined in the employee handbook.

Tattoos and Piercings

Many of our camp families come from a very conservative tradition and ultimately they are who we serve here at camp. If a complaint or comment about tattoos, piercings, etc. comes to our attention you may be asked to take additional actions to cover the area. Our policies in these areas are pretty simple.

  • Tattoos that are visible must not contain depictions of nudity, violence, sexual activities, gang signs or anything else that the parent(s) of our campers might object too. We reserve the right not to hire someone based on the amount and type of tattooing.
  • Piercings that are visible in anything but the ears must have the smallest possible spacer.  We will ask you to remove and/or replace any visible piercing we feel inappropriate for the duration of your employment. We reserve the right not to hire someone based on the amount and type of piercing.

Application Questions

1. Tell us about a time that you put the needs of others in front of your own and why you made the decision to do that?

(Things to consider: What was the relationship between you and the person/people? How did you handle the situation? What did you learn about yourself? What was the outcome? Is there anything that you would do differently?)

2. What kinds of opportunities are available to nurture personal growth through animal behavior and the care of animals?

 (Things to consider: What can animals teach us about ourselves? What life lessons can we learn from care taking animals? What is a beneficial aspect of children caring for animals? What are the benefits of a relationship between humans and animals? What aspects of life can we draw from animal behavior?)

3. What kind of expectations do you have for working this summer at camp?

(Things to consider: What do you think your days will consist of? What do you expect your primary role at camp to be? What will relationships look like? How do you deal with rules & standards set by someone else? What if your expectations aren’t met, how would you deal with that?)

4. Share a rewarding experience or highlight that you’ve had working with a child?

(Things to consider: What was the situation? Were there challenges involved in this situation? How did you contribute to this experience? What did you learn about yourself related to this experience? Has this experience impacted your future decisions and encounters with others?)

5. What dates are you available to work or start work?

(Things to consider: Start date and end date? College dates. Travel and family obligations.)

6. How did you hear about Rawhide Ranch?

(Things to consider: Friends. Website. Craigslist. Facebook. CCUSA. Campstaff.com)

7. Please create a list of camp program skills that you currently have that will be beneficial to the Rawhide Ranch program.

(Things to consider: Ranch experience. Arts & crafts, Target Sports, Team building, fire making, guitar playing, name games & ice breakers, anything you can think of.)