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Weeklong Activities

There’s so much to do at Rawhide Ranch and so much is educational. We call our activities “classes,” but it’s also just plain ol’ fun. Here’s a list of the various classes the Ranchhands will enjoy during their weeklong camp experience.

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Ranchhands have daily western riding lessons taught by the ranch’s certified riding instructors and their assistants. Weeklong camp lessons are geared for beginning/intermediate riders.

Riders must wear a current ASTM-SEI approved equestrian riding helmet at all times while on horseback.   (Yes, helmets do “expire”; if your rider’s helmet has a manufacturing date (check the label) older than 5 years it’s time to replace.)  Helmets are provided by Rawhide Ranch or you are welcome to bring your own approved equestrian helmet. (Make sure you have a name in the helmet!  Bike helmets are not acceptable.)


Vaulting (or Horseback Gymnastics) will bring out the beginning stunt-rider in those who choose this activity. Vaulting classes will be on the schedule for the first two days of camp and those who love it can continue on with more lessons as part of their elective choices.  Starting at the Vaulting Arena, vaulters practice heir techniques on stationary barrels before moving on to the real thing.


Our Animal Science classes give our Ranchhands a chance to learn the basics of the various different ranch animals that we have here at the ranch.  Our classes focus on the care, exploration, and hands on learning opportunities of a working ranch. We are excited to offer different classes during your stay that encompasses a wide range of topics and experiential learning activities.


What is the difference between a horse and a pony? Come find out in the midst of our famous pony barn for horse science classes. These classes focus on the many different aspects of horse and pony care, terminology, grooming and the psychology of herd animals and their behavior. Our Horse Science classes give every camper a chance to work with our ponies and horses to gain more confidence and respect for our large four legged friends.


Each Ranchhand will have an opportunity to participate in animal care time, morning and afternoon. This activity is based on old time chores that children living on a ranch would have had responsibility for. It may include raking out stalls and surrounding areas, and feeding/watering all types of ranch/farm animals. It’s all part of the ranch experience and builds great pride and teamwork within the group.

Morning and afternoon animal care time is designed to help Ranchhands to learn about all aspects of taking care of animals and being responsible for them. After animal care time the Ranchhands will have the opportunity to wash up and then head off to their next activity.


Target practice and accuracy contests after comprehensive safety and shooting lessons, review, testing and technique pointers.


(NOTE: Due to nationwide shortage of the ammunition we are unable to offer riflery as part of our summer program in 2013 but hope it will be returning in 2014.)

Learn safety and respect for guns and ammunition.  Ranchhands are required to pass a one hour safety class taught by certified instructors before they are allowed to shoot .22 caliber rifles at targets. (Campers must be at least 12 years old to participate in the .22 rifle activities; campers under the age of 12 may participate using air rifles.)

All target sports are staff-supervised by certified staff with safety and respect for the equipment as lesson number one; accuracy and fun are secondary. Note to weeklong camp parents: Campers have the option to select their own electives during the week; if parents would prefer their child not participate in this elective they should discuss this with their camper prior to arrival at camp.


Pool/water slide is open during Summer Camp season.  Certified Lifeguards are on duty but swimming lessons are not provided. A swim check is required on Monday to be able to use the pool during the camp session.

 A Summer Camp Letter To Home


Get the creativity flowing with arts & crafts projects.


Reach new heights at the ranch at the climbing wall this summer.


Learn the art of the rodeo and even ride Rawhide Ranch’s very own bucking barrel.


What sort of other farm activities go on around the ranch? Make you you visit Dairy Class for a sweet treat!  Love to work in the garden? Check it out this summer.


Learn some new moves and good ‘ol country stompin’.


Learn the craft of creative writing. Work on story structure, dramatic theme and character development. The summer camp newspaper is always on the lookout for writers and artists.


Learn the tricks and techniques to safely cook on an open fire.


Learn what it takes to harness up the ponies and their carts.

NEW FOR 2014


Why do some horses have you seeing spots?  Did you know goats have coats of many colors?


No, the horses won’t be limbering up – but the campers will be! A great opportunity to learn how to properly stretch and warm up before riding, vaulting, or a just a great part of your day!  This class is intended to improve a campers overall strength, flexibility and balance.  Get ready to ride!


Thinking about a career in equine management?  This is the opportunity to learn all about it!

Some or all of the following events will take place each week during Rawhide Ranch evenings. Because many Ranchhands stay for more than one week, we do our best to vary the programs and always provide something different.

  • Camp Olympics
  • Camp Fire (Opening and Closing)
  • Talent Show
  • Entertainment (by our very own talented staff and campers)
  • Cowboy Sing-Alongs
  • Dance Night
  • Karaoke
  • and more surprises in store!