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 3-Day Overnight School Program

Wed thru Fri    (offered September — May)

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Rawhide Ranch has been serving area schools since 1963.   This unique overnight experience offers students the chance to experience life science at a real working quarter horse ranch in an Old Western town setting. In addition to providing many opportunities for cross-curricular learning this out-of-the classroom opportunity also fosters adolescent independence, teamwork and a new excitement for learning.

“That which can be learned in the classroom should be taught there,

and that which can best be learned in the out-of-doors should be taught there.” L.B. Sharp 1943

Many of the classes and activities in the Rawhide Ranch program can be easily integrated into the elementary and middle school curriculum for hands-on and activity-based learning enrichment to align with California Content Standards. For more information on how the ranch program fits into your classroom curriculum contact Assistant Director Raina Baker at raina@rawhideranch.com or by phone at (760)758-0083 x 105. (Mon-Fri)

List of California State Standards our activities address

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The program best serves 4th-8th grades. The daily schedule includes classes focusing on animal and horse science as well as western-style horseback riding (beginning level) and vaulting (gymnastics on horseback) lessons.  Students get to experience the inner workings of the ranch during daily animal care time in our stock farm & stables.    The evening activities include group games/activities for all campers.  If your group also needs a quiet spot for a special activity, we are more than happy to arrange for a location on the ranch following the evening activities.

Campers and their chaperones are assigned to a variety of rustic housing areas (covered wagons, bunkhouses, dormitory-style, teepees). Meals are included in the fee, with our professional chef preparing home-cooked meals.

This 2-night program provides many schools with the opportunity to have a high quality out-of-the-classroom experience for their students at a budget-friendly cost. Minimum group size is 25 people with a maximum group size of 100 people (students + chaperones).  If group size is less than the maximum we reserve the right to book another school/group during the same session.  Each school group will also be asked to provide a current certificate of liability insurance with Rawhide Ranch as an additional insured.

Rawhide Ranch is proud to be nationally accredited by the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) and the American Camp Association (ACA) assuring our participants that we meet the highest of safety standards for equestrian facilities.


For reservation & and rate information email Rebecca at rebecca@rawhideranch.com or call

(760)758-0083 x 103. (Mon-Fri.)