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Spotlight Weekend

Spotlight your way into a new experience at Rawhide Ranch – during one of our awesome camper weekends!

Spotlight weekends at Rawhide Ranch are geared towards the brand new camper as well as the returning camper. You get to choose a track and focus on that track all weekend long. There are amazing counselors from summers past that are local and come to hang out with us for the weekend – and lastly you get a chance to spend time and get to know Rawhide Ranch.

Includes choice of one Spotlight Track for the whole program, overnight accommodations (a Rawhide Ranch counselor will be assigned to each cabin for overnight), and 4 meals.

ready to tack up 350mp

Choose Your Track

New Campers Select:

  • Ranchhand Riding
  • Ranchhand Vaulting
  • Ranchhand Stock Farm


Returning/Ranked Campers Select:

  • Buckaroo/Wrangler Riding*
  • A/B Team Vaulting*
  • Greenhorn/Stockman/Farmer*

*Attendees selecting this track must have achieved their designated rank during a previous week-long camp session at Rawhide Ranch.


First Time Campers

If you have never been to camp before and you are hoping to try it out and see what all the rave is about – this is the weekend for you. You get a chance to have an overnight, meet some cool counselors and learn a skill here at Rawhide. You will get a chance to make new friends, learn and have fun – all rolled up in 1 incredible weekend. This is a great opportunity to test the waters before possibly coming for a full week of camp during the summer!


waiting 300mpReturning Campers

You know the drill, you know about ranks, you know you want to pass more of them. This is a great opportunity to come and work on your skills. You can’t take your rank tests during a spotlight weekend – but you can prepare for the next time you are at camp so you are READY!!!!! Choose your track and spend the whole weekend working on your vaulting, riding, or in the stock farm.

Minimum sign-ups apply.  Each Spotlight track requires a minimum of 3 participants.