Wild West Camping Since 1963


Student/Chaperone Info

  • Cabin Assignments – Each school will divide their students/chaperones into cabin groups with separate housing areas for boys and girls.  The cabin areas most often used during the school year are Fort Rawhide, Olde Schoolhouse and the Teepee Village Note: All cabins are unheated so it’s important to follow the packing list and plan accordingly for your visit.
  • Chaperones – Interested in chaperoning for the trip to Rawhide Ranch?  Each school will provide an appropriate number of chaperones based on their needs for supervision of  their students.  If you are interested in being a trip chaperone please contact your student’s teacher for more information, requirements and availability.
  • Health & Safety – Each school provides and administers their own first aid supplies and medications during their camp stay.  Should you or your student need any basic first aid, medications, etc. while at camp with your school group please see your teacher or chaperone for assistance.
  • A signed liability release form is required for each student and adult attending a program at the ranch.   Misplaced your form?  Click here for a copy.  Turn in your signed form to your teacher prior to the trip.

If you would like to send a card or letter to your camper while they are with their school program at the ranch please mail the envelope to:

Camper Name + School’s Name,

c/o Rawhide Ranch, PO Box 216, Bonsall, CA   92003.

Mail will be distributed by your teachers sometime during their stay.  We recommend postmarking the envelope no later than the Friday before arrival.  NO CARE PACKAGES OR FOOD PLEASE!

We once had someone tell us Bonsall has the most perfect weather!   While that’s true most of the year we urge you to check out our local forecast prior to your trip.  A typical fall/spring day is sunny and in the 60’s/70’s/80’s with nighttime temps in the low 50’s.  Winter temps?   Good luck guessing but we typically expect low 60’s during the day with nighttimes dipping into the 40’s.  But being SoCal we can always count on Mother Nature throwing us a curve once in awhile and bringing warmer or cooler temperatures and even a bit of rain from time to time.  It’s “rain or shine” and “chilly or not” here at the ranch so come prepared for a great adventure.

We also offer a few select items through our ONLINE COUNTRY STORE that can be pre-ordered for delivery while your child is at camp.  Mail order is not available.

Should an emergency require it, Rawhide Ranch has a evacuation plan in place that has been review by the North County Fire Protection District and CDF.

  • Nearest Medical Emergency Services

The ranch is located within a 911 Emergency Services area and the local paramedics are nearby (at the end of Lilac Rd).   The nearest local hospital is Fallbrook Hospital, Fallbrook and the nearest Trauma Center is Tri-City Medical Center, Oceanside.

  • What About?  Here are some common questions….

What about if it rains?……..We have a great indoor riding arena and the classes will be moved indoors with only some slight schedule adjustments.

What about picky eaters or special diet restrictions?  Great food is an important part of the camp experience and our kitchen team does an awesome job of offering kid-friendly and nutritional camp style menu items.  Although we don’t provide different entrees or special meals for picky eaters, more meal time options are available at the breakfast’s assorted cereals bar or the lunch/dinner time expanded salad bar.  If you have a diet restriction or food allergies please let us a know at least 2 weeks in advance and a member of our kitchen team will contact you directly to see how we can best accommodate your needs.

Can parents visit their student while they are on their school trip to the ranch?    We have an Open House on the closing day of camp so parents can visit the ranch, see their camper in their classes and enjoy a great BBQ-style lunch before heading home.  Guest lunch reservations are available at an extra charge of $7 per guest lunch.  Reservations need to be made ahead of time through your school.  We ask that parents plan to arrive no earlier than 9:00 a.m. on Open House day.