Wild West Camping Since 1963


Chaperone Info

The staff of Rawhide Ranch is thrilled that you have volunteered your time to accompany your camper’s group for an adventure into the Old West.  You have a unique privilege to observe and learn new things not only with your child but with others.  We hope that you will have a very rewarding and exciting time.


Upon arrival at the camp, the ranch road will whisk you away from the city and suburbs and take you back to a simpler time. The rustic nature of life at camp will be a challenge for some, an adventure for others.


The camp cabins are rustic and won’t be confused with a hotel or the ultimate dude ranch of your dreams but the quiet sounds of life in the country and the laughter of children will permeate the air around you.


The menu is camp (and kid) -friendly and won’t be confused with your favorite restaurant’s menu but mealtime is a wonderful chance to gather together and enjoy each others company.  If you have a special diet please contact the ranch at least two weeks prior to your arrival so we can work with you to try to accommodate your needs as best we can in a camp setting.


These experiences with your child will be memories that last a lifetime.  To help make them fond memories here are a few helpful hints…………


  • Pack for the weather.  (Fallbrook  – zip 92028 is the most accurate location if you are checking an on-line weather service).  Winter nights are chilly and the cabins are not heated- bring a WARM sleeping bag and an extra blanket is always nice.  Don’t forget a warm pair of socks for bedtime.   Rainy days add a lot of memories to a weekend as well….if rain is in the forecast come prepared for some muddy pathways.


  • Cell phones are great for emergencies – but for those “non-emergencies’ —- it’s less than 48 hours that we ask you to devote to your camper instead of phone calls.  In any case – please do not take/make any calls (or texting)  in our program areas.


  • Computers / Wi-Fi not available.


  • Need a band-aid or an aspirin?  See your group’s leader.  Each group provides their own basic first aid supplies.


  • Be on-time for meals and classes.  If you aren’t ready – don’t hold up your small group of campers -ask someone else to go with them.


  • Depending on group sizes we are not able to guarantee that everyone with your group will be assigned to the same riding lesson times.  We limit adults to 2 per riding class.  All children will get to ride.


  • After “lights out” please do not stand and talk outside the cabin areas or along the camp’s Main Street – others are trying to sleep and the voices carry a great distance around camp.   Also remind your campers that “lights out” means “quiet time” – please do not allow your campers to disturb your neighbors.


  • Please respect our “no alcoholic beverages” policy and also respect those around you – no smoking at camp, please.


  • Be encouraging and supportive of all campers as they learn new skills or perhaps accomplish great feats of bravery.  The weekend will be a great learning opportunity for the campers to see that everyone has something to contribute and there are no small parts….your positive attitude will help to reinforce that.


  • Be prepared to join in the fun!  No need to just sit back and watch.


  • And last, but not least……..we believe strongly in the “Leave a place better than you found it.”  Thank you for helping us at Rawhide Ranch to provide a welcoming place for the next group of adventuresome chaperones.